Using modern databases

Using modern databasesIn various spheres of human activity, technologies using databases for systematization and storage of production information have become widespread. The structured information is easily analyzed and processed, and under condition of storage in a database, is constantly updated and supplemented that allows to speak about its invariable actuality. The wide spread of information systems using databases is also due to the fact that this section of information technology has a significant degree of implementation and is in practice quite flexibly integrated for each specific case, even in the nuclear industry. In addition, at present there are many different implementations of databases (DBs) and database management systems (DBMS). The term "database" is used to refer to an information model that aims to create an orderly storage of information with the same set of properties. A database management system, in turn, is a tool for working with databases. The DBMS works with databases built on certain principles. The most priority among them is integrity and lack of redundancy.Using modern databasesThe first principle corresponds to the necessity of ensuring the data consistency, i.e. physical safety of the information, prevention oracle autonomous database on premise of working with inadmissible values, control of data handling operations, and protection against unauthorized access. The second principle is dictated by the need to maintain a minimum amount of repetitive information, that is, any database element must be stored in singular. Database management systems differ from each other in functionality, performance, cost and a number of other attributes, which gives rise to the following types of classifications. Systems Hierarchical database models are implemented by means of tree structures with root segments that have a physical pointer to other segments. The advantage is the reduction of data redundancy. The main config management database drawback is the complexity of representing the real world as a tree structure. The model is considered outdated and used very rarely.