Sybase performance management

sybase performance management Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions ensure the transition to the highest level of use of data and information available to the organization not only for past reporting, but also for the implementation of active measures to improve the performance of the organization in both the short and long term.

Supported processes include financial and strategic planning, budgeting and controlling, reporting and management consolidation with elements of forecasting and decision simulation.

Integrated financial planning

Our financial planning solutions allow you to support these activities in any organization through the ability to flexibly model any type of process.

Budgeting and forecasting

With our budgeting on and forecasting solutions, managers can spend more time making business decisions without wasting it on tedious and time-consuming data preparation. Having a flexible, comprehensive budgeting system is becoming not only a need but a necessity in today's world.

Financial and management consolidation

Through the ability to combine data from different ERP systems as well as different chart of accounts layouts in one unified information system, our solutions offer the ability to easily handle reporting consolidation and controlling within capital groups.

Management reporting and controlling

Create flexible management reporting models. Multi-dimensionally analyse the profitability of your products, market segments and customers.

Liquidity management

Manage your liquidity by anticipating the potential financial impact of planned decisions at operational level.

Personal Controlling

Human resources departments are faced with a number of challenges such as increasing staff mobility and the associated risk of rotation, the increasing number of salary, bonus and other employee-related cost elements, as well as their volatility over time. This makes it increasingly difficult to manage all these elements and to properly plan the costs associated with maintaining staff.

Investment portfolio management

The main goal, while working on improving the work with budgets and the implementation of investment projects, is to collect data from persons responsible for preparing minor investment plans. Then, through sybase performance management system and aggregation, a package of projects is selected for implementation and presentation before the management. In the case of projects that have been indicated for implementation, ongoing control and monitoring of cost overruns is required in comparison with approved budgets. 

sybase performance management Controlling in water and sewage companies and thermal energy companies

Provide your departmental managers with a user-friendly and intuitive tool for budgeting revenue and costs in your department using any method, based on historical data or using index distributions, by determining expected deviations or indicating target values.


The module "Employee assessments" enables automation of many activities accompanying the assessment process. It enforces the proper circulation of appraisal documentation, the process of their approval and the timely execution of individual stages of the process by automatically reminding the assessors of upcoming important dates.